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NDB Examination Success!

The National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB) Examinations Board are delighted to announce that two candidates, Lynne Ingram and Richard Bache have passed the 2021 examination.

The NDB is the highest beekeeping qualification available in the UK, and requires a tremendous commitment in learning across a broad syllabus – with an exam including a theory paper and dissertation, followed by an all-day practical assessment covering colony handling, botany,  anatomy & disease, and a viva voce.

Set against the backdrop of Covid-19, which has limited many normal training opportunities, the candidates, both members of Somerset Beekeepers Association, have maintained their preparations and passed all sections of the exam to become the 93rd and 94th candidates to achieve the NDB since its formation since its formation in 1954.

The NDB board offers warmest congratulations to both Lynne and Richard on their outstanding achievement.

Lynne Ingram NDB
Richard Bache NDB

Registration Open for the NDB Advanced Beekeeping Course 2021 (Postponed)

The NDB are delighted once again to offer our 1 week residential Advanced Beekeeping course, at Pershore College in Warwickshire on the 20th – 25th June 2021 (subject to any Covid-19 restrictions). As a 1 week residential course, students will immerse themselves in a really fun, interesting and friendly week, being tutored by our NDB tutors.

Applications of interest are welcomed, and can be submitted using the link below


The form is only to register an interest, and does not commit you. Full refunds are provided if the event is not able to go ahead.

Each year, students build a strong camaraderie, developing friendships not only during the structured learning periods, but also later on whilst sampling a local brew at a local hostelry. The course provides opportunities for handling foulbrood comb in addition to the many practical and theory topics.

Applications from international beekeepers are welcomed.


The National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB) exists to meet a need for a beekeeping qualification above the level of the Certificates awarded by the United Kingdom National Beekeeping Associations.

The Diploma is the highest beekeeping qualification recognised in the United Kingdom and its holders are generally well-known figures within beekeeping education.

The NDB Board is entirely independent although its members come from a wide range of beekeeping organisations and it has representatives from all the National Beekeeping Associations.

To support students working towards the higher UK certificates or towards the National Diploma, the NDB Board run a week-long residential Advanced Course and a variety of regular two-day Short Courses. These course provide access to facilities and tuition not normally available and are designed to complement study through practical work and discussion.

NDB Assessment

Assessments are conducted every other year and involve a number of written, practical, and discussion exercises. The last candidate assessments were in 2019;

The NDB are pleased to confirm that 2021 will be the next examination year.

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Advanced Course, June 2021

The 2021 Advanced Course will take place 20 – 25th June (subject to any Covid restrictions) with themes including Disease, Dissection, Entomology, and Swarm Control. The course is held at Pershore Horticultural College, near Evesham, and provides a week of immersive and educational beekeeping. Read more.


Beekeepers in the UK are encouraged to visit the National Bee Unit’s BeeBase website to receive the latest advice on bee health and husbandry. Read more