Nutrition & Floral Sources Short Course

Honey bees rely entirely upon pollen as their source of proteins, lipids and other essential body-building materials. They have evolved exquisite behaviours to collect and store this food source. This course will examine all aspects of pollen, from its production in flowers to its collection and utilisation by the bees. We will also discuss foraging behaviour and examine the ways that pollen samples may be characterised and identified under the microscope.

Students may bring their own microscope(s) if they wish to familiarise / improve their capabilities on it under our guidance.


Target Audience

The Short Courses are aimed at those beekeepers with some experience of the craft; they are not aimed at novices. We can provide guidance to applicants as to the appropriateness of our Short Courses to their stage of beekeeping. We do ask that students respect this policy. Students are welcome to apply on a first come, first served basis.

The NDB Short Courses can provide valuable discussion, learning, and hands-on experience for those planning to take the BBKA Modules and Assessments above Basic level.

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