Student Selection Policy

The student selection policy for both the Advanced and the Short Courses are listed below. The NDB Board will do the best that it can to accommodate potential students, but reserves the right to accept or decline applications as it sees fit.

Please also ensure you read the cancellation policy before booking read more

Advanced course

The Advanced Course is aimed at those beekeepers who are undertaking serious study of the craft. We ask that the Advanced Course application form be completed and returned in order to give us a picture of your beekeeping experience and study.

Applications are reviewed by a panel comprising the Chairman, Secretary, and Course Director, and are accepted on individual merit based upon the following prioritisation:

  • Those who are preparing for the NDB assessment
  • Those who are studying towards the higher national beekeeping certificates, e.g. Advanced or General Husbandry or equivalents in Scotland
  • Those whose study could benefit from attending the course

Applications for the Advanced Course are normally invited from January 1st onwards. Please be aware that there are always more applicants than there are places available on the course. Applicants who are unsuccessful in securing a place are encouraged to continue their studies and apply again in the future.

Short courses

The Short Courses are aimed at those beekeepers with some experience of the craft; they are not aimed at novices. We can provide guidance to applicants as to the appropriateness of our Short Courses to their stage of beekeeping.

Students are welcome to apply on a first come, first served basis. We ask that the Short Course application form is completed and returned. Joining Instructions are sent out to applicants to indicate that they have been accepted onto their chosen course(s).

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