Teaching for Beekeeping Tutors Short Course

Developed by a qualified and experienced teacher, this is a distillation of the City & Guilds 7303 course, aimed specifically at beekeeping tutors and addressing typical learning situations encountered in the apiary, classroom, and when giving talks. We investigate the different methods by which adults learn, and how to apply this to maintain both interest and attention whilst delivering information more effectively. Through a series of practical and pertinent examples, tutors will improve their confidence and ability to impart their beekeeping knowledge and experience to others.

This course is aimed at beekeepers who will be involved in training beekeepers at beginner and advancing levels. They take cognisance of the fact that beekeepers in general have had little or no training in teaching techniques causing a lack of effectiveness when passing on their extensive beekeeping knowledge. See synopsis of course below.

Please note that this course does not teach beekeeping techniques. Students are expected to have a good general knowledge of beekeeping.

Aims of the course

  • To help beekeeping tutors understand how adults learn
  • To help them deliver information more effectively
  • To enable them to pass on their beekeeping expertise to others so that their students become knowledgeable and competent beekeepers.

Objectives of this course

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand how adults learn
  • Understand the teaching cycle
  • Plan a teaching course
  • Construct a scheme of work
  • Write individual session plans
  • Deliver an effective presentation
  • Perform student learning assessments and self-assessment


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